Jenny's Passion

I was thoroughly entertained and totally enjoyed this fabulous novel that 
I recommend for lovers of American Civil War romantic adventures. 

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau – Reviewers International Organization 

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Excerpt from "Jenny's Passion" 
(This book was formerly titled "My Enemy, My Love." )

“It is all so ironic, is it not, my Jenny? For my whole life I have been searching for some little slice of happiness in this world and now that I have found it in you, I have to ​leave you behind.” A few low, fierce curses erupted, startling Jenny with his intensity. 

“I’m sorry, Jenny…I have been with the army too long. Been around only men for too long. I forget myself and my manners…it’s just that…Christ!” 
He shuddered and pulled her to him tightly, kissing her mouth with hard, demanding lips. Jenny felt his frustration and felt her body grow hot with
the warmth of a thousand candles in response to his kiss. His hands were fisted in her hair, then on her neck rubbing and caressing her skin.
Now his hands seemed to be moving all over, touching and exploring her ​body through her clothing. 

​Pushing her hands between their closely pressed bodies, Jenny found herself unbuttoning the shirt he wore. She was seized by an overwhelming desire to touch him, to touch the soft hair on his chest and run her fingers over the hard swell of muscles and sleek, warm skin. Sighing, she gave into those desires, closing her eyes at the pleasure of it as she felt the coarseness of the hair that gathered to a v-shape down his flat stomach and disappeared into the waistband of his trousers. Jenny felt him suck in a shuddering breath and go still. 

“Open your eyes, Jenny.” His voice was gentle, but firm. She did as he requested and looked up to his handsome face. He was clean shaven tonight and her hand went up of its own accord to trace the smooth edge of his jaw. “Do you want this? Just tell me now, before I can’t stop my-self…I…it has been a long time, Jenny.” 

It was plain to Jenny what he meant. The look on his face confirmed it. He was willing to rein in his desire and leave her a virgin. Dear God, she wanted his love, she wanted him to be the one she gave herself to. But, she told herself she was not raised this way. Her mother and father had brought her up to be chaste, pure of thought and deed. They were a religious family—at least they were until her mother died. Elizabeth had tried to pick up the threads of their Christianity to bring them back to the church, but she too had died too soon. The deaths of her adored mother and stepmother and the coming of this hideous, murderous war had long-lasting effects on Jenny’s religious convictions. Now she was convinced that life was just too short and too fragile to waste precious moments like this. God had sent Captain David Reynolds to her and she would not, could not, simply put aside the feelings she had for him. 

“Yes, David. This is truly what I want. Our world has gone crazy and may never be the same again. I love you and I want you with me.” 


She put her fingers to his lips, shaking her head. 

“I know. I know you have to leave. A part of you will be with me always, no matter what the rest of our lives bring.” The last few words came out in a sob. 

David gathered her close in his arms and gently stroked her back. He heard her lose her composure against his chest and almost lost his own. Her tears wet his rough linen shirt, but he didn’t let go. David’s throat constricted, listening to Jennifer’s sobs and knowing there was noth-ing he could do to ease her pain. His own pain at the thought of their separation felt like a cold, hard cannonball in his stomach. Soon he would be well enough to leave here and return to the nightmare that was this Civil War. It was a good possibility that he would never see Jennifer Winston again. There were too many unknowns that threatened his very survival. There was also the real possibility that she would not wait until he had a chance to return. Perhaps another man, maybe a Southern gentleman with land and money—one of her own kind—would seek her hand in marriage. David had nothing to offer a wife…nothing belonged to him but his horse and his honor. Even the clothing he wore belonged to the U.S. army.   

Read the compelling story of Jack and Lila from "Jenny's Passion" in "Lila's Vow".         

Reviews for Jenny's Passion 
(Formerly My Enemy, My Love)  

 "First, let me preface this review by saying that I am a huge American history buff, especially the 1880's that encompassed so much change in this country. I have had an ancestor, or relative, who fought in every American war from the Revolutionary War to the current situation in the Middle East. So when I read a period piece such as this one, I look for the mistakes, the literary license, and lack of research in manuscripts many authors attempt to pass off as "historical" pieces. So imagine my absolute delight when I read Jenny's Passion and found nothing I could pounce upon!

Jennifer Winston, mistress of a Southern plantation, has discovered severely wounded David Reynolds, a Captain in the Yankee Cavalry, near death on her father's property. Having taken the stance that she did not take sides in the war, Jenny cares for David and nurses him back to health, all the while falling in love with the wounded warrior. When David thinks he's well enough to return to his troop, lest he be branded a deserter, three southern soldiers shortly capture him. Tortured and near death when Jenny and her dog, Romulus, (who is such a wonderful character, he needs his own book!), tracks him. Jenny is forced to shoot his captors in order to keep them from killing him, and returns David to the abandoned cabin where she tends to his wounds once again.

This is a wonderfully written, exquisite story of love during turmoil, and of following one's own heart in spite of opposition. I loved this book and couldn't put it down once I started reading it. I found myself wanting to be Jenny's friend, all the while swooning over David, as well as Jack, David's friend and fellow soldier, whom David believes was killed in battle. I can't wait to read Ms. Wylie's sequel, which tells the tale of Jack and his wife, Lila, in Lila's Vow."

Reviewed by: Rie McGaha of Romance Writers United
Rating:   5 Roses


​In a tone reminiscent of Gone With the Wind, this debut author chronicles a deeply moving romantic adventure, that will make you both laugh and cry. The author writes with a very distinct voice in a compelling story that has been thoroughly researched and brought to life with vivid imagery and mature characterizations.  

Though the story has been told many times of the brutality of Americans fighting one another it still has the power to pull you in when told with a new voice, perspective, and the thorough enjoyment of placing a beautiful romance as the focus to counteract the brutality of war. The writing is fresh, spontaneous, yet controlled and focused.  Ms. Wylie has written a superb debut book showcasing a budding talent that I will be watching for in years to come. I was thoroughly entertained and totally enjoyed this fabulous novel that I recommend for lovers of American Civil War romantic adventures. 

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau – Reviewers International Organization (RIO)
Rating: 4.5 Shamrocks

CK2S Kwips and Kritiques


"Diane M Wylie has created characters that are so lifelike that the reader is dragged into all of the agonies and joys as they occur. The author has done considerable research into this time period, and this enthralling story unravels as if the reader were reliving events. My Enemy, My Love [Jenny's Passion] is much more than an impressive debut. It is a heart-warming romance that will have readers sighing as they relive “first-kiss” moments, then despairing over the fate of the many fine young men who rode off to battle. If you enjoy historical romance, I strongly urge you to read this story. For this reader, it is a keeper with a + + +!" 

Reviewed by Naomi 
Fallen Angels Reviews  
Rating: 5 Angels and Recommended Read

​Also from Fallen Angels Reviews:
"This [book] is so good it would be a wonderful movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the romance between David and Jenny. The scenes are well written taking you into where you can just about see the lands and the characters. There are many emotions running rapid in this book, between friends, lovers, family and the love of lands the characters call home. This was a page-turner and highly recommended." 

Reviewed by Ruby 


"Diane Wylie’s premier book, My Enemy, My Love [Jenny's Passion], is the kind of love story the reader will want to sit and savor. From the brutality of the Civil War, to the tender love between Jenny and David, the reader is swept up and transported back to another time and place." 

Reviewed by Gina
Love Romances 
Rating:   5 Hearts


"Diane Wylie's debut novel is sure to take you on an emotional roller coaster ride, from the hauntingly realistic battle scenes to the tender love scenes between Jenny and David.  If you enjoy Civil War era historical romances, this is one book that shouldn't be passed over...  Diane Wylie is one of those up-and-coming authors we should keep our eye on." 

Reviewed by Sherri Myers 
Romance Junkies 

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


Historical Romance Club 
Rating: 4.5 Stars 

"Ms. Wylie gives historical romance a breath of fresh air in giving us a hero and heroine who meet early in the story to let you share in their life together much longer than the usual last few pages of a book. You invest so much in these characters early on. You care about every obstacle they encounter and how they get through each one and you cheer at each triumph. A beautiful love story to be slowly savored." 

Reviewed by Sandra Marlow 


"My Enemy, My Love [Jenny's Passion] is an emotionally moving story of betrayal, hope and love. Jenny has never known a love like the one she has with David and in the turbulent times of war, together they will risk everything to make it work. I thoroughly enjoyed this story as it relates of how far they would go to stay together and keep their sanity, from freeing Jenny’s father from incarceration to rescuing David and others from an enemy prison camp.  This is definitely a wonderful story of hope." 

Reviewed by Sheryl 
Coffee Time Romance 
Rating: 4 Cups


"The love between David and Jenny grows deep and true as they fight to overcome the many challenges and hardships of their times. Endearing family relationships keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next. There is just enough suspense to keep you involved and the story flows along quickly to its conclusion. Diane Wylie is a new voice in historical romance who will please many fans with her fresh perspective of an old story."

Reviewed by Patrice
The Romance Studio
​Rating: 4 hearts

Author of Adventure and Romance

Diane Wylie