Adam's Treasure

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First edition previously published by The Wild Rose Press 2009
First edition editor:  Allison Byers 

Excerpt from Adam's Treasure

​Richmond, Virginia 

It was dirty and ugly. Yet it shone like a beacon, calling her toward it without hesitation. Its owner was playing cards with his friends, too drunk to notice the departure of the enticing package from his haversack. Marilla Logan smoothly positioned her skirts ​over the object, while carefully balancing her loaded tray of drinks. Her heart pounded. This could be worth some money, and she really needed some. The package belonged
to a man who was one of those filthy ex-Rebels who regularly drank themselves silly in ​this dank brick building they called Symthe Tavern. She had heard that this man, Dawson, was once an important officer in the war. It was hard to see any admirable qualities in the ​man now. 

​How long had she been looking for just this kind of thing? It seemed forever. Life was an endless cycle of waking, serving drinks and food all day to unsavory characters, then sleeping in a dismal room, only to get up and do it all again. Hope bloomed. Could this possibly be her ticket out? 

A sharp tug made her look down irritably. A man was on his hands and knees, lifting up her skirt! 

“Sir,” she whispered. “What are you—?” 

​He raised his head and gave her a sheepish grin. A pair of sapphire blue eyes held hers clearly for a split second before the unfocused, inebriated gaze returned. 

“’Scuse me, Miss,” he slurred, “Seems I dropped mah fork.” His groping hand touched the toe of her boot and moved up to her ankle. Drawing her foot away, she stomped on the fingers with her heel. 

His hand jerked out from under her dress, but surprisingly, he merely grunted softly. She expected him to howl with pain. How disappointing. 

Moving swiftly, Marilla set the tray on the man’s vacated table, bent, retrieved the packet, and stuffed it in her large apron pocket before picking up the tray again. 

“It’s mine,” she said.

Reviews for Adam's Treasure 

​"Diane Wylie  paints a vivid picture of Post Civil War America following the assassination of President Lincoln.  Adam’s Treasure reflects the extensive research Ms. Wylie did before beginning this novel.  For those interested, she was kind enough to give a list of resources in the back of the book.  Marilla is one motivated and determined woman. I admired the way Ms. Wylie presented this spirited lady who doesn’t mind expressing her deepest feelings. Struggling with a humiliating and destructive past, Adam is a perfect foil for this outgoing woman, as he keeps his feelings to himself. I felt his distress in fighting his demons, but I had difficulty feeling the deep emotional connection between Adam and Marilla that Ms. Wylie usually establishes with her characters.  I found Nickolas, the young and handsome wilderness tracker, a profoundly interesting character, and I hope Ms. Wylie can be persuaded to write a book about this budding hero. In the meantime, Adam’s Treasure is a book sure to please the enthusiastic historical reader."  

By Sal

Two Lips Reviews​
Rating: 4 ½ lips


"For me, sexy men who live life on the edge are a must have when it comes to romance. Adam Skelding certainly fills that requirement. Then you add Marilla to the mix with her humor and adventuresome nature, you get a story that is fun and exciting. It was only as I turned each page that I was able to catch my breath. Ms. Wylie has managed to pack quite an entertaining tale between the covers of this book. I devoured this book within a very brief period of time. I encourage you to add Adam’s Treasure to your collection so that you, too, can follow Adam and Marilla in their journey."

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
Coffee Time Reviews
​Rating: 4 Cups


"Adam’s Treasure was a wonderful cloak and dagger style story set among the upheaval of the aftermath of the Civil War. James Bond style his and her spies, Adam and Marilla penetrate a secret society, Knights of the Golden Circle, who are bent upon restoring the South to its former glory and ousting the current government of the United States of America. Pinkerton agents, Adam and Marilla, must decode a treasure map and discover the hidden gold before the Golden Circle can use it to buy their way back into power. Ms. Wylie’s story was great fun and a good all around read. Anyone that favours conspiracy, treasure hunting, mystery novels will enjoy Adam’s Treasure. The story flowed nicely from start to finish and I would definitely recommend it."  

Reviewed by Rhonda Callum-King  
Siren Book Reviews 
Rating: 4 1/2 siren stones

Author of Adventure and Romance

Diane Wylie